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kristina johnsonMeet Kristina Johnson

Kristina Johnson trained at the Guild for Structural Integration(highlight link) in Boulder, Colorado.  The Guild is dedicated to the traditional teachings of Dr. Ida P. Rolf and was founded by her in the mid-1960s. She was drawn to study at this school because it was the most traditional school of Dr. Rolf’s work, and the teachers were Dr. Rolf’s first students.  Kristina completed her basic training in 1992, and her advanced training in 1996. She does regular continuing education and was the assistant instructor for an 8-week basic training in 2004. 

Born in Colorado, Kristina moved to Steamboat Springs twenty-four years ago. In her fifteenth year of practice, Kristina brings compassion, sensitivity and focused intention to her work.  She continues to study and deepen her work. 

Kristina originally discovered Rolfing (TM) during her career as a carpenter.   She found the work she received strengthened her lower back and kept her healthy in that career for many years.  She also learned much about her body during the process of the ten sessions, stretching helped her keep her newfound length and new awareness of how she worked kept her from injuring herself.

zappaKristina is an outdoor enthusiast, spending many years as a professional ski patroller at Steamboat Ski Area, skiing the backcountry, rafting the rivers, climbing the rocks and biking the trails in the woods and the road.  This experience helps her understand some of the problems that her clients need help with.